Thursday, October 26, 2006


Beam me up Scotty. No, it can't send people, but BeamFile can send your files fast. BeamFile is a small program(1.61MB installer) that you download and run on your computer to send(or "beam") files up to 5GB in size to others.

I love the simplicity of this program. It's so great they didn't try to weigh it down with unnecessary features or sponsored ads. Clean and simple. It seems they've got all important features covered, as well. You send files by emailing a 'file-link'. Just run the program, pick the file you want to send, fill in the form with the recipients email address, and hit next.

They also were smart and covered all the bases. Does the person you're sending to NOT have BeamFile? No problem. When the recipient receives the email, they can still click on the 'file-link'. The only difference is they will be given the opportunity to download BeamFile, and then they will receive your file. Even if you or the recipient gets booted off the net, or has to log off, BeamFile will let you resume from where you left off once you log back on.

I think they understood the smart and simple idea with not only the software, but also their website. They have a nice, easy to understand help page with plenty of pictures for a no-brainer approach. A One-click download button on the front page, and a mail form along with a support forum(that has a FAQ) add to their ability to help if you ever have problems. I checked their forums and their isn't any complaints or problems listed. It seems they have a largely bug free program.

The only problems I've seen are on the website. The 'About Us' link isn't working at the time of this article, and the forum is in desperate need of some spring cleaning. It is clogged with spam.

I love BeamFile, and will be emailing all my friends and family about it.

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