Friday, October 27, 2006


Mochimention is one of those fun sites where you can get viewer feedback through a voting/commenting system. The niche of this site is that you can get feedback on particular elements of your site. Say you have a Flickr slideshow and your showing off your artwork. Just copy and paste the appropriate code from your Mochimention dashboard, and paste it in the appropriate place in your site editor. When you view the site, a widget will show containing a voting system, commenting system, or both.

You can check and monitor your votes/comments on your dashboard at Mochimention. They give you 5 free "mentions" to put on your site. You can upgrade for $23.95/year, and get ad free, unlimited mentions, and the ability to let viewers join your group.

I like the site and have added a couple vote only widgets to specific sections of the Trap. I chose not to add the ability to comment simply because the widget is too bulky.

Perhaps if they added a little more costumization they could generate more business. I would add the ability to pay monthly as well as yearly, and I would add a few different sized widgets to choose from. The comment widget was just too large for my taste. It's probably fine for people who don't have blogs or otherwise don't have any other way for viewers to comment on their site, but for placing in specific locations it takes up too much room. It wouldn't be hard to make a "no-frills" widget that had two lines containing small input boxes for name, email, comment, and submit button like say Cbox does with their chat widget

Sites like this are extremely popular for social communities like the Myspace crowd. I can't really see Mochimention doing badly, but if they ever decide to branch out into the Blogosphere, the edits I mention above may be in their favor.

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