Thursday, October 26, 2006

Robotech? or Real Life?

Remember the first episode of Robotech? Well, maybe you don't. Robotech city was a sprawling advance of alien technology in a future Earth. Complete with transforming jets, state-of-the-art alien weaponry, a giant alien spaceship, and vending machine robots that wheeled around pestering parents to buy buy buy.

While we may not see giant alien spaceships landing anytime soon, or jets that transform into fighting robots, we may just see vending machines wheeling around to make it more uh-convenient for you to quench your thirst, thanks to Pepsi. Then again, maybe not.

Back in the oh so futuristic year of 2000, VGG posted about this marvel of marketing. Just remember to buy a prepaid card before you go on your next vacation. The cards would have RFID tags that the little carbonated tanks would be able to monitor whenever you were in their vicinity. Been too long since your last soda? or need an emergency thirst quencher? The tags keep track of the last time you bought and tells the machines to wheel it on over, or a button on the card will do the same whenever you choose.

Perhaps we won't see vending machines tearing up the asphalt anytime soon, but as more and more technologies are implementing RFID, it seems only sensible that the technology makes it's way into the vending business. In fact, Pepsi has already started building machines to use credit cards, in addition to cash and coin. M-travel gives a more comprehensive outline of how these credit accepting machines work.

RFID security will have to keep up with the expanding technology or we may soon see a small 'bubblegum' effect similar to the first dot bomb. There's already been cases of people hacking RFID to break into new cars, and steal gas. I could only imagine the havoc that could be created by future hackers and motorized vending machines.

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