Saturday, October 28, 2006

Veeker-Movlogging made simple?

Look out, there's a new mobile video blogging site vying for your attention.

Veeker offers quick and fun mobile video sharing. My immediate reaction, when seeing this site, was that it's a site to help facilitate sending video from phone to phone. However, it's more like another mobile community site. I'm not implying that that's a bad thing. Veeker actually has an embeddable player that I really like.

The site is fairly new, so there asking initial wanna-be's to sign up via there mobile. I don't know if they'll keep this format or simply make a web form sign up standard in the future. It actually was quite painless. I simply had to send a short video, over my phone, and then enter my phone# on the website. There's a very short learning curve. It didn't take me 5 minutes to sign up and upload my first "veek"(video peek).

My favorite part of the site is using the embeddable player to share your videos. I think this will appeal to travel Blogs, and vacationers who want to send instant moments back home to friends or family. With the upload time being almost non-existent people can go to your site and see what your doing in next to real-time. This type of instant travel Blogging would also be conducive to educational Blogs and sites. With a little time budgeting and planning you could set up a site where students on a class trip could broadcast all their clips of there experiences to their school or to the world. It would be awesome to go to a website and see dozens of clips taken by different students on the same event.

One of my favorite things to do is look up video, pictures, and info on Japan. It's where I'll be taking my next vacation. I think it'd be really cool to have a site set up on a specific location like Osaka or Tokyo, and get Veekers who live or visit these locations sending all their veeks to the site. It would be a totally dynamic travel site. Uploading the videos to display on the embeddable players is practically instantaneous(did I forget to mention you can send pictures with veeker as well?). It would be much more immersive to have multiple perspectives on the same location or event. I think it would be best to limit the events to smaller locals like a specific temple, garden, or hot spot. It would be like you were there, amongst the people all sending in the veeks for you or I to watch. I'll probably experiment with this format in the future.

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