Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Writetomyblog is an online web word processor that configures posts for your blog. Basically it has all the features of other web word processors like Google Docs, and Zoho Writer. The idea is simple- to have more control over the look and feel of your blog posts.

It's really a great little web 2.0 site. Writetomyblog said they work well in Firefox, and being a firefox user, I took it for a test spin. I just opened a second window so I would be able to make posts while looking at other sites.

Many powerfull word processor tools are at your disposal. Writetomyblog also supports most major blog services.

I have to admit I have quite a short review on this web 2.0 site, but that's only do to it being so self-explanatory.

I only have one gripe. It doesn't seem to translate posts accurately for blogger. I have been using writetomyblog for about a week now, and I still haven't gotten it to format just the way I'd like. So new users may experience a big learning curve-spending many times posting and reposting until it looks right in their blog, depending on the blog service they use. This seems easily correctable though. They only need to spend a little more time gathering user feedback to tweak their system. I will be visiting this site often over the coming weeks and hope to see it improve.

Aside from the learning curve it's a great service. I love being able to have so much control over my posts.

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