Friday, November 10, 2006

10duke-another video hosting site?

I'm not quite how 10duke is going to hold up. I mean they offer free video uploading and embedding in you site, but doesn't other media moguls like Youtube and Metacafe? Well I went over and signed up for a free account. It gives you 25MB free storage, ability to embed in your site, and auto video conversion. There's a pay version that gives you 250MB storage and non-branded player embedding.

Perhaps some people like the creators of 10duke are thinking ahead to the possible video bubble bust. With Google acquiring youtube, and a lot of companies using the site as well as other popular sites like Myspace, maybe we might see the end of free video communities switching to a commercialized video internet. I hope that doesn't happen. Free video communities like youtube have been one of the best things to come to the internet in a long time. It would be a shame to see commercialization put a stop to that. It would just set the net back.

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