Saturday, November 11, 2006

Final Fantasy 12 part 02

Well, I've got about 12 hrs in game play racked up and I thought I'd post another impression of the game thus far.

I'm really loving the game play. The battle system reminds me a lot of strategy games like the old Battletech pc game, and MOO. So I wasn't new to the concept of the gambit system which lets you set certain basic commands for your party members to initiate while in a battle. I like the gambit system and think you can get pretty unique and complex actions out of it, even if your other party members are acting on their own.

The other thing I love is the License board. It reminds me a little of the sphere system from FFX, but they didn't just stick with skills and abilities. They included everything in the license board-weapons, equipments, spells, abilities. It's an all-in-one deal, and it's really great.

The only thing is that it's starting to seem like they should have made the license board bigger and included more
things. I'm only 12 hrs into the game and have already earned enough license points to buy many licenses. It seems that I will have purchased most of the licenses well before I'm finished with the game, and that may make it less fun. I don't like the thought of playing much of the game without being able to do anything else on the LB.

There is still plenty of sidequests, and secrets as is typical with the FF franchise, so maybe that will keep me occupied enough to not care about the LB.

Also, I haven't even really gotten into the story. I just got Basche in my party and found out a little bit about why it looked like he killed the King of Dalmasca and my friend was kidnapped because some goons want to use her as bait to get to my other party member Balthier the skypirate.

I'll be sure to post further updates in due time.

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