Friday, November 03, 2006

Final Fantasy Xll-My first impressions pt. 01

Yes, Final Fantasy Xll is finally here. I haven't purchased it myself, but I had a whole evening to give it a spin. I'm now officially hooked, and of course will have to play the whole way through. But I'm just posting a "first impressions" post today.

When you first pop in the disc, you are treated to a terrific movie animation that's a fly through of a beautiful city. By the way, I'm leaving out any details because I am giving my opinions on the game, and besides with this game showing is much better than telling.

Then after you select 'new game' from the title menu, you are treated to even more breathtaking animation before you actually start playing.

Yes, in fact I want to talk more about my impression of the game, than actually describe the game. So please don't be annoyed.

Way back when FFX came out, I thought "Square Enix really seemed to have pushed the PS2's capabilities to the limit." But I was wrong. It only took me a second to see that the animation itself was much better. The in-game graphics look very close to FFX. I've played a couple hours and am free to look around a sprawling city. I've checked out about half so far. The voice overs that I've heard so far seem very well done.

Overall the look and feel of the game seems more mature, but there is still that humorous side that is now typical in FF games-I went to claim a bounty on a vicious Tomato Monger, and cut down some Cactites along the way(tiny green cactus beings that hobbled around like penguins and waved their little arms in a menacing but cute manner).

This is just the first of many posts on the game as I play through the story. I'm not going to worry to much about spoilers in the coming days. Most players are well past my point I'm sure, as I post this. So anyone who hasn't played the game yet, just avoid reading my future posts on FFXll.

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