Tuesday, November 14, 2006

GearLive features Emergency Trap, and some site updates

I felt honored and happy when I saw that GearLive printed an article of mine. "GearLive is a trend-setting web magazine, launched in June 2004, devoted to the high tech lifestyle". I thought I'd try to repay the favor by posting one of their recent videos covering Microsoft's new Zune MP3 player. Check it out.

I've been tooling around the net looking for more blog add-ons-I told you, in an earlier post, I like to fill my site with tons of widgets. Usually what I do in the long run is tone the site down. I like to keep a particular desing aspect in mind-usually something simple/minimalistic. Then I add add add. Eventually it gets pretty crowded, Then when it's to where I think I've got way to many things just cluttering the site, I do a spring cleaning. Along the way, I may tweak the overall design a bit. I'm already thinking about getting one of those all-in-one bookmark buttons to replace the cornucopia of 'bookmark this' buttons I have after every post.

I just added a MyBlogLog widget to show recent visitors. MyBlogLog has really gotten popular in just a short period of time. You can find it in the left column toward the bottom. I almost took of the MyChingo widget(it hadn't been working recently), but it's back and working fine. Don't forget about the Wikergency Trap-Emergency Trap's wiki on web 2.0 companies and sites.

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