Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New, and some old but interesting gadgets

SPH-P9000: This portable media device by Samsung seems a bit over the top. It's chock full of digital goodness. With a size of 143x94x29mm and weight of 580g it has Windows XP, a 30GB hard disk, 256MB RAM, 1GHz CPU, WiMAX, CDMA EV-DO(EV-DO=Evolution Data-Optimized), and a 1.3MP camera. There's also a fold out QWERTY keyboard. It's like carrying around an "uber-PDA". Samsung has it pegged for an initial Korean launch during the first half of 2007.

You can check out plenty of pictures of it over at Akihabara News.

Bored of the iDog? Well Sharper Image has a new music player that connects to your MP3 player-the miFlower.

It's a Dancing, LED flashing fun flower that will play your music, tell you the time, and liven up any room in your house. At around 8" tall, it will wave it's two leaves, light up its six petals with colorful LED's, dsiplay happy images on its display, and
even tell you the time. It also has a motion sensor, so even if your not playing music you can wave your hand in front of it to start it moving.

It runs on
4 AAA and 3 AG13 1.5V button cell batteries(not included), and is priced at $24.95.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 Bluetooth watch: In conjuction with Fossil, Sony Erricson has created the MBW-100 Bluetooth watch. The watch allows you to operate a Bluetooth compatible phone. You can control music playback on your phone, and the watch can be set to vibrate when you get an incoming call, and you can ignore the call as well. Incoming calls could be displayed on the phone as a number or contact name. There's also a place on the phone for TXT messages.

It's like a Bluetooth powered remote control for you phone.

Speaking of watches, I've always liked the Art 8 by EleeNo over at TokyoFlash.

Spacemouse Plus: If you like overpriced mouse controllers then the Spacemouse Plus is for you. It costs a whopping $500. 3D Connexion has this expensive mechanical rodent which contains 11 programmable buttons, and claims to boost productivity by up to 30%. It runs off USB, has sensitivity control, 6 degrees of freedom optical sensor, and works with over 120 applications. For the graphic designer who has everything.

I found this one over at The Daily Giz Wiz. I know Halloween is already past, but that's no reason you can't start planning early for next year. The Special FX Unit plugs into your lights or lamps and with the included CD creates a Halloween atmosphere. Watch as the lights respond to the different sound effects on the FX CD, plus it boasts that it works with your own CD's. The best part, for anyone interested in this little gadget, is the 50% off price tag. Sometimes it's good to buy your Halloween party favors after Halloween.

My favorite magazine, Wired, had this one on their site. What's slightly larger than an iPod and gives you the power of a DJ in a portable device? The Micro BR that's what. It offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), an SD Card slot, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, MP3 compatibility, USB, and much more. Plus it's just so pretty to look at. Gadget lovers beware.

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