Sunday, November 19, 2006

Project Vykarious

One of the things I love to do on the net is look up places around the world. Photos, tour guides, a little history, and of course lots of video. Tour videos are nice, but you can't beat some really good footage taken by locals.

So I wanted to take this to the extreme. I searched all over the net for tour sites, video sites, pictures sites, and even did some of my own random site searching. I wanted to pick a place in the world and see if I could make a post or two that really made you feel like you got an immersing experience. I want to take living vicariously to the extreme. This site, in-itself, probably won't provide that, and that's okay. The ultimate goal can take many steps to get there, and this is, I'm sure, the first of many. My hopes are that some new great new ideas come out of this project.

My first step was sketching out what I thought made for a great vicarious trip to a location. Here are the results of that brainstorming session:
  • Show as much as you can of all the unique aspects of the location-scenery, monuments, buildings, parks, culture, eating, etc...
  • Photos-professional, and candid,
  • Some written history, and interesting facts.
  • Samples of the language-little fun facts about the language, samples(hello, goodbye, etc...)
  • Plenty of links to more indepth resources on any topics discussed.
So that's where I'm at right now. I will make many posts on this subject and after I try and retry, discover new things, and refine my experience and knowledge I will combine everything I learned into one big nicely edited post.

For now you can follow my little adventure, along the way I'd love to hear comments and ideas. Got a site I may not list?, or found some better photos? then let me know, and be a part of this little project.

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