Thursday, December 14, 2006

All Your Feeds Are Belong To Us

Well, I may be on the late train to tuna town*I have no idea what I'm saying, but I just found Feedpass. Feedpass does for feeds what AddThis did for social bookmarking, yet Feedpass includes it all.

Feedpass lets you enter your XML feed address. It then creates a page for your feed that contains many options for subscribing to your feed. Just copy and paste their button link code into your Blog or website that will lead to your feedpass page, and you're all done.

When a person clicks the subscribe button, they'll be t
aken to your feedpass page. I love all the stuff they thought to include in the pre-built page. There are many options for subscribing to a feed:

  • RSS Readers
  • Bowser
  • Email
  • Manually
  • Tagging

Among the one-click RSS reader subscriptions, they have some 44 to choose from. You can also subscribe via email, browser, or copy and paste the feed address manually. They also include your feed posts right on that page. Not only can you check out the subscriptions posts right from the feedpass page you're assigned, but they also give you many social bookmarking tags to bookmark individual posts or the entire feed.

Feedpass has put together a great, easy to use service that consolidates RSS subscription forms and social bookmarking into one place for y
our Blogs feed. Maybe there's a few minor changes that could be made in the future, to make it even easier, but Feedpass has pretty much laid the groundwork.

They also have one of the best looking Web 2.0 sites I've seen. Oh, and did I mention it's FREE?

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