Monday, December 11, 2006

Angry, Wii Are

I've noticed a trend with the new Nintendo Wii. No I'm not talking about sore arms or broken TV's. Although that is related. I'm talking about my growing suspicion that the Wii just may be the most anger inducing game system ever created.

Let's look at the obvious for a moment. A lot of people out there are getting mad at Nintendo whenever they chuck their controllers, at extremely high velocity, into their television sets. Granted, I'd be pretty upset, especially with prices on these new high definition sets, but I think I'd be feeling pretty stupid as well. But I digress, the point is that there are a good number of people out their angry at Nintendo. Let's look at the people who haven't broken anything, as well. A lot of these people are really getting absorbed into these Wii Sports games. I mean take a look:

I have recently had some hands on experience, and can tell you that it is easy to get sucked in. I was playing boxing and I don't know if there's any external influences affecting it or not, but it seems a bit too unresponsive. I didn't expect it to be perfect, but not that unresponsive. I tried the training and I was getting so frustrated trying to hit the trainers gloves, yet I kept going back for more. My friends get ticked at it too. While shooting for a high score in the tennis training, my one friend would miss because the player wouldn't swing sometimes, and that is very anger inducing for her.

The point I'm making is that the games are fun, or at least fun enough to keep going back to. At the same time, however, they can be very frustrating. It reminds me of those flash games online that have a simple premise-to get the highest score possible by flogging the penguin or beating the timer. They get your blood pumping, and you get very involved. The slightest remark or glitch suddenly halts this and it creates intense frustration, snapping at your friends, and generally yelling obscenities at your computer, but you go back for more because you have this desire to master it.

Yes, it's true, their have been and probably are a fair amount of those games out on the market for all systems, and computers. I just think that Nintendo has managed to condense all of those into their interactive system.

So I think if they had the game category, the Nintendo Wii would easily win "Most anger inducing system". By the way, I can't wait to get one.

Let's hear your best blood curdling tales of Wii. What are some funny or embarrassing moments you've been in since getting a Wii? Or just tell me some Wii enhanced anger you've witnessed.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Have your own idea as to the most anger inducing game system ever? Let me know.

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