Friday, December 08, 2006

CNET senior editor James Kim has passed away

update:detailed coverage

Body of CNET senior editor James Kim found update

*****In Memoriam*****
I don't quite know what to say about this. I was never really good at sharing emotionally. I wanted to post about this and yet I don't want to add to the Kim families river of grief. At times like this I try to empathize with the person or people. Put myself in their shoes. I think if It were I, I would be too emotionally upset to think of much beyond grieving right now. So I thought it best to stay very low key right now. We shouldn't be shouting this around everywhere, but rather be silently sympathetic while the Kim's are deep in their moment of grieving.-Jeremy Stratton(Emergency Trap)

The 35-year-old Kim, his 30-year-old wife Kati and daughters Penelope (4 years) and Sabine (7 months) left their home in San Francisco last week on a Thanksgiving road trip to the Pacific Northwest. Before the Denny's sighting on Saturday, November 25, they had last been seen earlier that day in Portland, Ore., according to the SFPD's missing persons' report.

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