Sunday, December 10, 2006

I love watching videos on my computer. I've compiled quite a collection already of sites to watch videos and TV on. I recently found Streamick.

Streamick is another site that let's you watch TV online. The cool thing about Streamick is that it works, and works well. While most sites sell you the joy of watching TV online, while only delivering a fraction of that capability with much less than 24 hr channels and mostly video community fodder, Streamick really does deliver.

Streamick has some 115 stations in 10 channels including education, entertainment, and music.

I particularly like that streams top viral videos back to back(if you still want your community video fix), Cartoon Network(brought to you by Gametap), the ScifiTeevee channel that shows classics and other great cheesy scifi movies, and the great selection of music video channels.

If you like TV and want some more options that are free, you definately need to check out Streamick.

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