Sunday, December 17, 2006

This X-mas people may be singing "Zoom zoom zoom" but not for the reason most may think

When I hear that little jingle "Zoom zoom", I think of the car commercial right? But this Christmas I think many households will be singing an eerily similar tune, but not for cars, for Hasbro's new Zoombox video projector.

A portable projector that, according to the commercial, is being marketed towards young kids. It sports up to a 60 inch(corner to corner) view with the ability to play CD's, DVD's, and even plug in A/V connectors from gaming systems all in a small $250 package.

Hasbro ingeniously marketed this thing. For all intense and purpose, it's a projector. But Hasbro is selling it as a "cheap toy". That is exactly what you think when you see the TV spot-"Cheap". It's a kids toy right? Adults know right away that it will be cheaper than the professional models on the market today. Kids want it for the fun factor. Hasbro has touched the hearts of gadget lovers of all ages with their Zoombox marketing plan.

Add to that the fact that projectors are hot right now, and expensive. I believe Hasbro will be selling a lot of these Zoomboxes before Christmas' end.

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