Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Zookoda-Create Free Mailing Lists

Zookoda allows anyone to create costumizable mailing lists for their audience.

I remember back before "Blogging" there were a handful of services that let you create your own mailing lists, but for the most part it was a money making industry all it's own.

With Zookoda you can create free emails around templates that either you create, or ones you pick from their library. You can then setup timed broadcasts that will go out to your subscribers.

Their are plenty of features to customize and manage your list:
  • Create one, or multiple lists.
  • Choose from a variety of subscription forms to put on your website or Blog.
  • Create your different emails that you'll be sending out.
  • Schedule broadcasts
  • View reports of your mailing list(s)
Within each of these features are more customizable options:
  • Send Individually scheduled or recurring broadcasts.
  • View subscriber reports online or download as a spreadsheet file.
  • Manage multiple mailing lists
  • Sync your Blog with Zookoda to deliver new posts straight to subscribers in boxes.

It's a great service for bloggers today. Many services are starting to offer the option of getting updated news delivered to their email via RSS, and Zookoda gives users that power.

Emergency Trap has started a mailing list that you can sign up to. Enter your email and click.

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