Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do Re Midomi-Find That Song, Great But Why Can't I Share It On Myspace?

Midomi is a song search engine with a dash of social networking thrown in. it the other way around?

If you can't remember the name of that song you were humming this morning, hum it into your mic. Midomi says they will match the little ditty, you were singing or humming, with the original and(this is where the dash comes in) they'll match it to other users who uploaded their own rendition.

Here's an overview of their service:
  • Search by singing/humming
  • Compare to recordings uploaded by other users
  • Listen to matching part you sang
  • Listen to preview of original song
  • Listen to entire recordings submitted by other users
  • Rate/comment on other users
  • Buy original song
  • Find out more by listening to users other recordings
  • Write messages to other users
  • See users Favorites and fans
  • Can't find matches to your song? record and upload one
  • Alternatively use the traditional search box method
I like the idea here. It's fun. With the social network aspect, you can say "listen to me". Brag, boast, share your voice with the world. What I can't understand is why they didn't widgetize this. People love Youtube. No matter how stupid or corny the videos(and the people who made them) may be, Youtube has shown that people want that...feeling of fame. Music and singing isn't that far of a stretch. It's in the same vein as video communities. The audio search function would make the site that much more attractive, unique, and different from your "average" social network.

I really think Midomi needs to consider an embeddable feature. Take that rating, voting, and favorites system to peoples blogs, websites, and myspaces.

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