Monday, January 15, 2007

First Shoutcentral, Now Talkr . Are They "Selling Out"?

I saw on Read/WriteWeb that Talkr is up for sale on Ebay. I followed the auction for Shoutcentral but totally forgot to post after it sold, and then I just didn't feel like putting it up after so many other blogs did. I did, however, figure I'd help spread the news about Talkr, since it's still fresh, has 9 days to go, and doesn't have any bids yet.

I wonder if this is the start of a trend? Will Web 2.0 sites that aren't getting any funding, or feel they aren't generating enough revenue, feel like cashing out for one lump sum?

I wonder, if people, who started these apps, are just selling because they don't have time(for whatever reason), why did they start it to begin with? What I'm getting at is if Shoutcentral and Talkr both felt like they were successful and making enough money, would they still sell? How much of their projects were out of a passion to change their lifestyle and how much was just to get rich quick? Someone bought Shoutcentral, and Talkr is hoping to sell itself, so their must be others that feel they can do something with the sites.

If Shoutcentral sold itself, and Talkr is hoping to do the same, why buy it? I'm no business man, I've said it before, but there are so many variables to take into account that I don't think you could quantify the reasons for selling these sites. You can't know for sure if someone won't pick them up and be successful with them or not.

I don't want to try to label what their doing in terms of good or bad, but more of what their convictions are.

Do they do it for the money, for a love of their work, or both?

The whole situation with Shoutcentral and now with Talkr concerns a lot of information I don't have. Based on their actions, and my guesses, It sounds like they are cashing out for one lump sum now, instead of a lot more spread out over time-Like those cash advance companies that take your lottery winnings and turn them into one lump sum, but they take a nice chunk of the overall winnings.

So I would pose a question. Are they giving up on a dream for a small lump of cash now? or are they "at the end of their rope" and it's not paying off for them, so they're at least trying to get something out of it? Are they a potential McDpnalds only to give up too early?

If I started an online app, and had a passion for it, and I knew that with enough hard work, I could do something with it, I'd stick with it(Unless some how I could know that it won't amount to anything-but I don't really know that). I'd do my best to weigh the options-Can I do something with this, and have it pay off? or is this not going anywhere and I know this won't give me the lifestyle I want, so I'll sell it? It goes back to what I said about their convictions. Are they really selling it because they think it won't make any money? and if so, then why are others buying it? Or, are they just giving up too soon, and taking a flashy one time lump sum of cash because they think it's all they'll get or they're not realizing the potential to make more with the app?

Let me know your opinions.

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