Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let...Anonymity Ring

Jangl lets you communicate via your phone without having to divulge your real phone number.

Sign up, get and share your Jangl ID. Others use your ID to get an anonymous number through Jangl to call you on your phone.

This is another simple idea that could have huge consequences. One can see that Ebay users could benefit from more immediate and personal contact with sellers. Business-wise this is a good thing for sellers. With all the scams running amok, it's very reassuring to the potential buyer that there is a real person to help them out. This business idea crosses over into any online business. It'd be a great way for small home-based businesses to use an anonymous number to offer customer support while protecting their home number.

This would be a great service for dating sites as well. Allowing another level of interaction between potential matches.

I wouldn't even mind using this to just meet new people through chat rooms or forums, but I think the majority of those users have a shyness that simultaneously draws them to the forums and keeps them from getting too intimate with others.

Well, besides the more obvious uses I've listed, I'd like to hear your opinions on some more unique ideas for this service.

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