Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Like Your Messy Workspace? Get Bumptop

Bumptop(I keep wanting to say bumtop for some reason-conjuring up an image of someone I'd call a messy bum for having such a cluttered workplace) is a prototype desktop platform that let's you organize files the same way most of us organize papers and files on our workspace-throwing things in piles.

The 3D interface demo is well put together, explaining things simply while slowly getting more in depth and explaining more complicated features.

It looks like a nice interface that uses a mouse or stylus to fling, push, pull, drag, or "bump" single or groups of files around the virtual desk. It's a very intuitive way of dealing with virtual documents, although, there is still a degree of technical skill needed when sorting and organizing groups.

I'm not sure how users will take to this new interface, apart from the initial wonder of a new toy. On one level it seems "easier" for less tech savvy people. I can see how it gives people a similar reference point to follow-their real life clutter. On the other hand, when you start to get a semi-large amount of files building up, you are still going to need a certain level of computer skills(similar to the ones used in manipulating a Windows or Mac desktop) to operate it.

The major drawback that I see is it looks very memory intensive. We may see that only a few of the people currently running Windows will be able to run Bumptop.

It's yet to be seen if a computer illiterate person will "catch on" quicker with this interface than pre-existing ones, but for now it looks slick and they're already generating a sizable buzz around the net. They have a signup over at their site for people wanting future information on beta testing.

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