Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Momcorp Is So 2.0

Momcorp was the ruthless corporation owned by Mom in the animated television series Futurama.

While watching the episode "Futurestock" I noticed how the logo on Mom's deathstar-like ship looked very "Web 2.0".

This episode first aired in 2002. The person most noted for coining the phrase "Web 2.0" is
O'Reilly in 2004.

Whether by a rather amusing coincidence or some crazed genius on the part of show creator Matt Groening, The 2.0 reference gives the show a renewed sense of credibility.

What we end up with is a retro futuristic reference to a past that hadn't happened yet, but did come true. Too bad all those retro futuristic images of flying cars didn't come true(yet). I'd sure like to get me one of those.

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