Sunday, January 14, 2007

Name a Web 2.0 App, Win an iPod

What do you call a Web 2.0 app that will
" small businesses—freelancers, real estate agents, graphic designers, work-for-yourselfer—follow a simple formula for profit: spend less than you make. It's focused software that does one thing—manage money—and it does it well."
? Dunno, but that's where you and I come in. is running a contest where you can win $250, and a brand new project red iPod Nano. That's pretty cool.

And it isn't baiting to get you to fill out a long form with all your details. It's baiting to get your email.

It worked for me. I gave the name "Wallit". Not very interesting, but I thought it was semi-clever. The contest ends on February 15th so go take a stab at it, and leave me a comment with what name you picked.

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