Saturday, January 13, 2007

Need To Remember Something? Jott It Down

I should've waited a day before making my list of web apps that help us offline.

Jott let's you leave a message from your phone that will be transcribed and sent via email or TXT to you or others.

They do a good job of keeping the procedure simple. No calling multiple numbers or listening to long prerecorded operators(I'm always dissapointed when I find a cool service only to find out the hassle of using it outweighs the convenience they offer).

This works like your personal recorder on you cell phone except with your phone you could forget about it. With Jott, you can send the message to your email which makes a nice reminder that you can't so easily forget.

It's a nice way to send TXT messages to friends and family. I personally don't TXT much. It takes me a long time, and my friends don't use it either. Still, on rare occasions Jott could be helpful when you want to send a quick TXT to a friend.

In your account, you organize and add contacts. This is where the convenience comes in. When you are out 'n about and want to send a message, you call a single Jott number, hit a one digit extension, say the name your leaving the message for, and record it. Hang up when your done recording.

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