Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Gen Gamers

There's a gaming news startup on the internet horizon and they invite you to watch them grow.

New Gen Gamers will feature news, reviews, previews, media, editorials, and more for electonic video games.

At its core, it's a gaming site. If you've seen other gaming sites, you have a rough idea of what to expect. I think what you won't expect is the enthusiasm, that you can already get a sense of from looking at the site, and the fresh way the information is delivered to you. These guys ARE the gaming scene. To one degree or another, they eat, sleep, and breathe games.
I have had a chance to work with the small group of young men who are putting this site together, and I can tell you that they have a passion for it. I am sure, that as long as that passion I've seen holds out, they will go places-big places.

What's really great about this site, that's in its pre-infancy, is there giving the online gaming community a chance to watch them develop their site and brand. You can also sign up now and grab the choice usernames before the site is finished, so you will have that sw33t L337 name that you really want.

I love that they are developing online. It's really great to watch a massive gaming site like this grow before your eyes. It's going to be fun watching this site grow.

I'm gonna help these guys out with what I can, and I'm putting a link to their site up on Emergency Trap, so definately go check it out and sign up.

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