Sunday, January 14, 2007

Real World Web 2.0-Brick and Mortar Corporate Logos Redone in Web 2.0 Style

I thought this was very neat, and really well done. It's brought to us courtesy gtmcknight.

There's a couple logos I don't recognize. The "m" in the top right corner, the "circled W" above the Wal-Mart logo, "Phzr", and the red one beside the UPS logo...I think that's all

Also, why is there 2 IBM's-one in all caps, and one in lowercase?

Ebay and the American flag seem to break the concept of real life corporate logos, but they are still neat.

I loved the subtle changes made to the McDonald's logo.

Lastly, I got a laugh out of the Wal-Mart logo because the first thing I thought of was to put "Omega" in place of "always".

I love looking through Web 2.0 logos. I've always had an artisitic side, and really appreciate this kind of "art".

Let me know of any other logo collections or similar artistic endeavors out there, in the comments.

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