Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's better than "Extremely Beautiful"?

I saw Mashable's post on 10 extremely beautiful web designs by changing the layout of existing site's CSS using a firefox plugin called Stylish. A very nifty implementation, and I couldn't describe it better. I, however, thought I'd risk a friendly jab at a site that I visit quite often.

While the CSS re-writes, for such sites as Google, Digg, and the others Mashable lists are neat(Because let's face it, after a while any change, no matter how small, can be a good change), they are pretty minor changes. In fact, it's not doing much more, aesthetically, than changing the sites background. That's neat but is it really "extremely beautiful"?

Now to be fair, I'll "jab" myself. I couldn't really come up with anything better for whole site re-writes, but what I found are some really great scripts for minor changes. Yes I just jabbed Mashable for saying their list of sites only had minor changes, but I'm not saying the scripts I found are "extremely beautiful" either. However I would add that combining these minor changes on one site would yeild some pretty cool results. "pretty cool".
Really what it all boils down to, is that their really aren't any magnificent style re-designs using Stylish or Greasemonkey. Mashable did pick the best ones out their, but the best really isn't good enough, in this case. Look at the bright side. This may kick some people in the rear to put out some nicer CSS re-writes which will please everyone who likes to use them.

Now on to the impossible task of convincing people that "pretty cool" is better than "extremely beautiful".

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