Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone Sickness.

Continuing with my new format of hard edged, in your face reviews, editorials, and news in the world of internet tech., and Web 2.0 I've decided to write my gripe about the Apple iPhone(or is it Iphone?)

Nintendo gave us old tech with a shiny new cover and a descent price. Apple pretty much did the same but they are economically and socially doing things to you that a simple shower won't wash away.

It's not underground news that the U.S. holds itself back, technologically, due to the economics involved. We have the technology to make it stronger, faster...but it isn't worth it.

Apple has some shrewed and ingenious marketing plans. They give us something that's long overdue, and they charge top dollar for it. In their defense, most businesses due this because the economical-to-technological ratio is pretty much equivalent nationwide.

Cell phones and cell technologies are progressively getting cheaper, aren't they? Every technology that the iPhone incorporates has already existed. Apple just packaged it into a nice cross platform browser with a glossy finish. So why $600 bucks Apple?

I would be saying, the upside to this is that(if they aren't already on the market) we will be seeing other much cheaper devices that do the same thing, before the end of the year, but I bet $10 bucks the first few devices that will come along offering you the same benefits for less, will have Apple's lawyers jumping on them faster than a rabbit in heat. I'm sure Apple has anticipated it, because although they have made a move like this, it doesn't mean they are stupid. They know they don't have anything really "new", and that's why I'm saying I believe Apple will be suing-crazy before the end of the year.

It would take great...conviction on Apples part, if they don't sue anyone(which I would respect), but I don't believe it in this case, even though they didn't do it with their iPod.

I bought an MP3/video player with 30 gig hard drive, oodles more codecs, and much better screen brightness/resolution than the iPod for less. Of course, it was Apple's advertising power alone that made it successful. But I digress.

The iPhone is a great product. Of course it is. I can't deny that. It has everything people have been screaming for, for awhile now. But it is ludicrously overpriced.

Apple just needs to stop hiding behind their faux store fronts and break out the giant neon porn signs, so people at least know what they are getting themselves into.

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