Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Racist Crazy Racists Hoping RE5 Is Racist

In response to Gamespot's news article "Resident Evil 5 Stirs Concerns of Racism"

I love people and organizations that feel they have to nip racism in the bud by rooting out the evil before it pops its head out. I also love the movie "Minority Report". Now what was it that movie taught us?

I'm sick of racism spreading anti-americans. They want racism alive and thriving so they have a viable reason to hate someone which ironically is being a racist themeslves(and I'd be willing to bet they found a lucrative business in it as well). Really, if you think about it, African-american's ancestry invented zombiism. So in the sense that they are rooting out speculative concerns of racism, they're plan backfired, because essentially they're calling themselves racists.

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