Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Puchi Puchi Virus anti-virus kit

I love it when game companies offer little game related prizes. Oh most games have merchandising, but it's especially cool when they have special release contests and little nick-nacks and doo-dads to accompany a new games release.

Puchi Puchi Virus is a new game, for the Nintendo DS, by NIS
that you can win from NIS America along with an Anti-Virus Kit complete with pills(Candy) the game, and info about the game(I'm assuming besides the instruction book-but don't quote me on that).

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Finals Week

Well, finals week begins, for me, tomorrow, and ends next Thursday.

Then I'll be kicking into high gear on finishing prepping the DS-licious.tv studio(as well as looking for other part-time work).

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Set up my vimeo account

I've been really slow with getting site work done. This is a good thing because I really need this time to continue my college studies(finals starting very soon).

I did go ahead and set up a new official ds-licious account at vimeo for my site: DS-licious.tv

Which has me wondering(as I go) the easiest, least work-intensive way to post the vids as I make them? Any ideas?

Right now, I'm looking closely at Blip.tv as a major source for spreading my vids around. but as it stands I'll be going to each video community sepearately and repeating the process of uploading them.

Maybe it'll turn out to not be so difficult or time consuming. ???

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

looks can be a curse

No, I'm not talking about whether you consider yourself good looking or not. I'm talking about what age you are perceived at.

All my life I've looked young. about the time I hit 17 it seems my looks stayed at that "age" when I hit 25-26 that went up a bit and my age started being guessed at around 19-21. Those are averages. I was in a college classroom 3 years ago and a girl was confused at how I was able to start the semester in the off season. It dawned on me she thought I was fresh out of highschool. I was 30 at the time.

I'm now 33 and although I don't go around quizzing people on my age, I get the same treatment.

I've learned, in a large capacity, to enjoy the fact I look so young. But there's times when it doesn't bode well in society. Mainly I'm speaking about college.

Did you ever sit around and notice the treatment, or relationships between fellow out-of-highschool students, professors, and non-traditional older students?

People can have pre-conceived notions about a lot of things. Your attitude toward life, school, and other people; how they expect to see you acting. There's a plethora more.

There's times I just wished I wore a nametag that said "Hi I'm Jeremy, I'm 33"(I told this to an advisor once-we shared a good laugh. It was...comforting).

It can become quite a strain dealing with kids I can relate to on many factors but still have a given amount of knowledge, ideals, and memory that's considerably older than most students.

The whole reason I bring this up is from a class I take. I mentioned I missed a couple days in an older post. This was around the time of a group project. I was late on the ball, and had already asked for everyone's email in advance, and tried to communicate with little to no luck. Giving the presentation, I was thinking that I didn't want to detract any points from the group, on my part, and I wanted to be clear to the professor that I wasn't trying to lie or be sneaky.

I made it clear that I didn't do very much and that it was mostly the kids that did the work. I got laughs and the Prof. furled his brow and almost chuckling asked "Why would you volunteer that?" I just flatly said "I don't want to lie". He replied "Well, don't you think you could have found some kind of dichotomy..." I didn't reply by then the students started rambling and things needed to progress.

There's a couple things I want to point out about this exchange.

Firstly, and as a side note: I've already been pegged as weird. Mostly because I don't show a general interest in pop culture, am a little socially inept, and show a straight forward interest in learning regardless of shooting for that good grade.

Secondly: I don't think I would be pegged as weird(or at least not near as weird as I already am) if they were all aware of my age-Prof. included.

The exchange, based on that, also creates a domino effect of weird moments, one after the other. I think on some level, the Prof., after having asked that, realized on some level the maturity I was displaying and tried to stop on already strange moment with what ended up being a smaller strange moment(a rebuttal to my answer).

If I'm a snot-nosed punk(forgive the label) then I'm most probably considered to have missed the participatory grade for a set range of reasons associated with that age group(partying, laziness, what have you).
A person can be treated far more uniformly knowing they are not said snot-nosed punk.
I get the same thing in gym class. I missed that day, and arrived the next a few minutes into class and the Prof./teacher/coach just looks at me and says "Welcome to class." I usually just say "thanks" witch pegs me as a weirdo in itself but I mustered up a "Thanks, glad to be hear". followed by a few seconds awkward stare down. I can't tell you the number of whispers Ive heard already by the students. I'm pretty sure he expected to hear an excuse and an apology which I didn't have. I don't play some game where I make stuff up. I'm pretty straight forward and don't see the need to be anything but truthful and honest. Yes, a little tact is needed, but I'm not going to just start playing the part, it just leads to other messy situations.

So, I ask you. Am I totally offbase on how I should act. Any tips tricks, anyone relate to this? I would so love some advice, help, empathy?

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Miro Vs. Joost

Seeing as how this is now a personal blog, I'm not going to put a lot of professional journalistic skills into this one.

Simply put open-source= Epic Win, therefore Miro=Epic Win; Joost=Fail.

I recently upgraded to a new video editing powerhouse of a PC and the first thing I had to do was unplug my cable. I wanted to see how good internet TV has come. I already new about Miro and wanted to try it out. It's amazing.

It's a giant leap for internet TV. Sure it's not perfect, but it's got an active staff constantly updating it, and it's open-source. So we all can make it better.

I think Miro has really pushed the envelope with bringing in so many of it's own "channels"(2000+), and allowing video community...videos, as well as handling torrents. It's an all-in-wonder Internet TV device. I told my brother it reminded me of a DVR or Tivo-like device. You subscribe and can organize with folders, and have a great deal of customization. I've left my video to expire after 6 days, went into each channel and set it to allow more than 3 shows at any one time, start up when I start my PC(which really just stays on) and to close to the system tray.

Now I know Internet TV isn't perfect. Miro seems to be somewhat of a system resource hog, and you need a fast machine and a fast connection. I've got a 740Gig Harddrive so no biggie. Right now I'm at around 80Gigs of video content(that changes when new stuff is detected and DL'd and old videos expire). But as it stands, I won't be throwing money away on cable anymore.

It would be cool if Miro could get access to some of the online content from TV companies(Which it does for news and a few others like Discovery Channel) But for entertainment like Lost or afternoon sitcoms would be cool. But there's some nice homegrown content in those realms and lets face it, you COULD simply go to there sites. I know that's what Joost and Miro are trying to make easier, but for now we ALL have to bite the bullet and continue to jump to a few different sites. But I digress.

As for bringing all the content into one place and delivering it to you on a silver platter. Miro is the way to go.

I'll skip an obligatory rundown of statistics and give you the choice to look at them here.

Miro isn't perfect and Joost looks cool, and yeah Joost has a lot of traditional TV content. I can't exactly say Joost is worthless(although I'm not using it). But don't sit back and resolve to think it's the best thing out there because it's the first flashy thing that popped up in front of you.

Seriously, try Miro for like a month and tell me it isn't awesome.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Video compressing, and studio lighting

I've found some helpful info the last 2 days. One site helped me to determine the lighting I should be using for my "studio". I have very inadequate lighting right now but "tried" to pull together different odd house lights and set them up in a general manner to get a sense of space and an idea of what the video may look like. I'm thinking, however, that I should buy. I found a set of two studeo flood lights that come in a small kit with bulbs, cord, and all the needed basics for $74.95. Speaking of money....I really should have started a budget already and at the least kept track of all expenses. Their haven't been that many thankfully.

The other bit of info was on editing video. More specifically compressing and readying it for the web. I believe I am going to purchase Quicktime Pro and use that. It seems the most user friendly, while offering multiple settings being used by many devices right now.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finals are coming quick

Listen up college students. I'm going to tell you something, that even though I knew better, I still never practiced.

When going to classes, your given alot more freedom to rely on your own personal responsibility and this can separate graduaters from flunkers.

I'll go ahead and admit it. I've missed two classes this week that very well could have taken me from a A to a C letter grade. I have a good thing going with getting enough grants/loans, having a roof over my head, and having a decent summer Job(yes I don't even work in the winter). Yet I'm blowing it. How moronic is that? Well looking at it on the surface, it's extremely moronic/idiotic, just plain stupid. However I can't berate myself, instead I need to use that energy on simply showing up to class.

I think with a job, even a crappy part-time job, people tend to show up to more consistently than a University class. Why is this?

I think theirs more finite terms. A university prepares you relatively long-term to get that better job/career. A job you have now has simple clear cut rules concerning your continued employmen(similar to a college)but it seems closer to home. It tends t weigh heavier on a persons mind, because it's immediate.

You get money that you need now to sustain your current standard of living. This brings me to a more simplified/stripped down reason why a lot of people, regardless of age, income, geographic location(within the U.S.) and whether they're in school or not, succeed in life.

Persistence. Call it whatever you want: Tenacity, longevity, you have to "Keep at it".

We can improve our chances of succeeding immensely by simply "keeping at it"
That's it people. That, in a nutshell is what is holding you back. I know it's one of those things, depending on how you look at it, can be either ridiculously easy, or much harder than it sounds.

It's like writing a book. Anyone can write a book, so why do you hear story after story after story about people saying yeah I should write a book but they never do?
I'm not blaming(entirely) you, I, or people in general. We do have personal responsibility yes. But we do live in a society that I think almost invisibly pampers to this kind of psychological view of life.

For starters we live in a capitalistic society that caters and almost teaches us to want instant gratification. It can be hard for people(me included) to train to practice that guitar EVERYDAY, or show up to class EVERYDAY.

One of the best things, I believe, we can do as Americans is to not necessarily be more long-term-minded, but take ques from those people who are making it. Chances are your neighbor who is really successful isn't smarter than you, He/She probably has just not given up, or skipped days. That pro bodybuidler has to work out consistently and regularly, and it's the same with many many applications in our society-case in point, School

So I'm going to utilize this blog(among other reasons) to help myself not be a freakin' bum and stay conistent.

I want to write some books, travel to Japan, learn guitar. I'm starting hence forth by using determination and most importantly perseverance.

If you persevere, you can do anything and go anywhere.


Loading up RFOnline....finally

Holy crap Codemasters, I had to practically crack a 128-bit encryption to figure out how to get a registration key.

My frustration level is about an 8.5 right now. Now it doesn't seem to be starting up the game installer. I want to believe this could be me, but in light of how freaking difficult it's been navigating your site, I'm not so sure.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking for a good FREE MMORPG

I've been tooling around Internet to see if there's any MMO's worth playing. So far I've tried Zu Online, and Metin 2. I haven't had much time to play yet so I'm still trying them out. So far though, there's nothing that initially grabbed me. I chose those 2 because of the Oriental themes.

I just found RF Online that looks cool. I like the idea of blending sci-fi and fantas. Plus
I love robots.

It's just gonna take half a day to DL the client, ugh.


Prod. Diary w/o slackerboy's settings(my own-sorta)

Here's another vimeo video of the Production Diary: Set part one.

This one looks pretty good, took up a bit more space than the first(I think like 168MB), and was encoded on Windows Media Encoder series 9. I upped the video bit rate to like 10,000, put keyframes in every 15 seconds, and that's about it. it made a difference, I think.

Prod. Diary take 2 from iienglish on Vimeo.

Prod. Diary straight from WMM in HD720p

So here's the same developer diary on youtube. I encoded this just from Winows Movie Maker in HD720p. As you can see, it shrunk the overall size(even the youtube resized version). It still looks pretty crisp(it does honest-you should see my crappy cam quality, then you'd know).

It's not a good trade off though. I won't be sticking with this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Production Diary: Set- Part One with slackerboy settings

This was encoded after making it in Windows Movie Maker, with Windows Media Encoder Series 9

I encoded it with WMM as an uncompressed AVI that came out to like 1.39Gigs and after WME it was 10MB using slackerboy's settings.

prod. diary take 1 from iienglish on Vimeo.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Compressing, encoding, and uploading oh my

I'm loving my new Intel Quad-core.

It crunches through video like a Tremor in dirt.

I started messing around with different encode settings. I really need to find a decent encode for my web video. Now, I know I'm using a substandard cam and when I use my real cam, everything will change, but at least I can get a feel for options, and have fun too.

I'll post some vid examples as soon as they finish uploading/processing.

New Web Show CodeName "Project-DS"

So I have a new show that I'm trying to have ready within the first half of this summer. So far, so good. I'm on schedule. This was a little announcement vid I did to test Vimeo, have a test video to upload to other sites, and to create buzz. Enjoy

New Show announcement from iienglish on Vimeo.

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Dust off the shoes, kick off the boots

Although I don't exactly know why I chose that random title, other than it just popping in my head, it still resembles some sort of idiom for what I have to say.

It's that time of year again when I get antsy to start a new blog. Well I've got this perfectly good blog I used for all things Web 2.o, and it's not like all the graphics and widgets scream Web 2.o. However, I still like the layout and spent a lot of time customizing it over the year or two I had been using it.

In short, this'll now make for a great personal platform. After all, anything I'd have to say will be related to my interests which have always been related to technology and the internet. No need to go relist this baby in the directories as it'll still be relevant under any existing topics.

So now I have a new great element to unleash my OCD on. Muwahahaha.

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