Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finals are coming quick

Listen up college students. I'm going to tell you something, that even though I knew better, I still never practiced.

When going to classes, your given alot more freedom to rely on your own personal responsibility and this can separate graduaters from flunkers.

I'll go ahead and admit it. I've missed two classes this week that very well could have taken me from a A to a C letter grade. I have a good thing going with getting enough grants/loans, having a roof over my head, and having a decent summer Job(yes I don't even work in the winter). Yet I'm blowing it. How moronic is that? Well looking at it on the surface, it's extremely moronic/idiotic, just plain stupid. However I can't berate myself, instead I need to use that energy on simply showing up to class.

I think with a job, even a crappy part-time job, people tend to show up to more consistently than a University class. Why is this?

I think theirs more finite terms. A university prepares you relatively long-term to get that better job/career. A job you have now has simple clear cut rules concerning your continued employmen(similar to a college)but it seems closer to home. It tends t weigh heavier on a persons mind, because it's immediate.

You get money that you need now to sustain your current standard of living. This brings me to a more simplified/stripped down reason why a lot of people, regardless of age, income, geographic location(within the U.S.) and whether they're in school or not, succeed in life.

Persistence. Call it whatever you want: Tenacity, longevity, you have to "Keep at it".

We can improve our chances of succeeding immensely by simply "keeping at it"
That's it people. That, in a nutshell is what is holding you back. I know it's one of those things, depending on how you look at it, can be either ridiculously easy, or much harder than it sounds.

It's like writing a book. Anyone can write a book, so why do you hear story after story after story about people saying yeah I should write a book but they never do?
I'm not blaming(entirely) you, I, or people in general. We do have personal responsibility yes. But we do live in a society that I think almost invisibly pampers to this kind of psychological view of life.

For starters we live in a capitalistic society that caters and almost teaches us to want instant gratification. It can be hard for people(me included) to train to practice that guitar EVERYDAY, or show up to class EVERYDAY.

One of the best things, I believe, we can do as Americans is to not necessarily be more long-term-minded, but take ques from those people who are making it. Chances are your neighbor who is really successful isn't smarter than you, He/She probably has just not given up, or skipped days. That pro bodybuidler has to work out consistently and regularly, and it's the same with many many applications in our society-case in point, School

So I'm going to utilize this blog(among other reasons) to help myself not be a freakin' bum and stay conistent.

I want to write some books, travel to Japan, learn guitar. I'm starting hence forth by using determination and most importantly perseverance.

If you persevere, you can do anything and go anywhere.


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