Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miro Vs. Joost

Seeing as how this is now a personal blog, I'm not going to put a lot of professional journalistic skills into this one.

Simply put open-source= Epic Win, therefore Miro=Epic Win; Joost=Fail.

I recently upgraded to a new video editing powerhouse of a PC and the first thing I had to do was unplug my cable. I wanted to see how good internet TV has come. I already new about Miro and wanted to try it out. It's amazing.

It's a giant leap for internet TV. Sure it's not perfect, but it's got an active staff constantly updating it, and it's open-source. So we all can make it better.

I think Miro has really pushed the envelope with bringing in so many of it's own "channels"(2000+), and allowing video community...videos, as well as handling torrents. It's an all-in-wonder Internet TV device. I told my brother it reminded me of a DVR or Tivo-like device. You subscribe and can organize with folders, and have a great deal of customization. I've left my video to expire after 6 days, went into each channel and set it to allow more than 3 shows at any one time, start up when I start my PC(which really just stays on) and to close to the system tray.

Now I know Internet TV isn't perfect. Miro seems to be somewhat of a system resource hog, and you need a fast machine and a fast connection. I've got a 740Gig Harddrive so no biggie. Right now I'm at around 80Gigs of video content(that changes when new stuff is detected and DL'd and old videos expire). But as it stands, I won't be throwing money away on cable anymore.

It would be cool if Miro could get access to some of the online content from TV companies(Which it does for news and a few others like Discovery Channel) But for entertainment like Lost or afternoon sitcoms would be cool. But there's some nice homegrown content in those realms and lets face it, you COULD simply go to there sites. I know that's what Joost and Miro are trying to make easier, but for now we ALL have to bite the bullet and continue to jump to a few different sites. But I digress.

As for bringing all the content into one place and delivering it to you on a silver platter. Miro is the way to go.

I'll skip an obligatory rundown of statistics and give you the choice to look at them here.

Miro isn't perfect and Joost looks cool, and yeah Joost has a lot of traditional TV content. I can't exactly say Joost is worthless(although I'm not using it). But don't sit back and resolve to think it's the best thing out there because it's the first flashy thing that popped up in front of you.

Seriously, try Miro for like a month and tell me it isn't awesome.

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