Friday, April 18, 2008

Video compressing, and studio lighting

I've found some helpful info the last 2 days. One site helped me to determine the lighting I should be using for my "studio". I have very inadequate lighting right now but "tried" to pull together different odd house lights and set them up in a general manner to get a sense of space and an idea of what the video may look like. I'm thinking, however, that I should buy. I found a set of two studeo flood lights that come in a small kit with bulbs, cord, and all the needed basics for $74.95. Speaking of money....I really should have started a budget already and at the least kept track of all expenses. Their haven't been that many thankfully.

The other bit of info was on editing video. More specifically compressing and readying it for the web. I believe I am going to purchase Quicktime Pro and use that. It seems the most user friendly, while offering multiple settings being used by many devices right now.


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