Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Guild, The guild, The Guild is on fire.

I really like this small web show about a quirky bunch of antisocial online obsessed gamers trying to sort out their lives, on and offline. Well, maybe they aren't entirely antisocial, but as Codex says in the finale "Socially maladjusted, my butt". So, this is a show that, let's say, a little more than a tad of the socially maladjusted may be able to relate to.

I think we found that the time has been long overdue for something to represent this aspect of society. You can clearly see this in the enormous acceptance the show has recieved. Winning awards left and right, and the first season finale blew the lid off youtube with a staggering amount of awards.

The show has been supported by fan donations as well. This isn't anything new, but to this scale? Yes, yes it is new.

And if buzz factors don't do anything for ya, just watch it. It is a funny show, in its own right.

The Guild

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