Friday, May 09, 2008

Schools out for summer.

No more teachers no more books. Wait, I love to read. Well, no more school books. Wait, I read educational books too. Yes, I roll like that.

Finals week is over for me.
I'll be heading back to campus to sell some books, and running around taking care of a few other things.

I'll be getting some stuff in order Friday night, and Saturday and prepare to get busy back on New Gen Gamers.

Then I can also kick it into overdrive to get up and running by June(probably the end of June).

With a working title art I can get busy working on the opening animation and designing the set. Still need to buy a lapel mic, but I found one I want, I just need to actually buy it. I've been doing some camera and lighting tests. The video's not as good as I hoped for but I think I can work with it. I found some good encoding tutorials for pinnacle Studio 10 and Qucktime Pro. I don't have QT Pro, yet. I think I'm going to buy it(Yes I'm not a Mac user-it's not really a personal choice, I've just always used Windows). Anyone have any good programs or advice for settings?

I'm "storyboarding" some skit/segment ideas to go along with the main review format. Right now just possibly adding a little current events segment.

All is going well. I just have to work on me. My on camera personality leaves something to be desired, but I'm working on it.

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