Monday, May 26, 2008

A slice of life: Burma

Immerse Yourself
Travel through Monywa by local cab
Hear and feel the locale of Monywa, Myanmar as you experience a first person cab ride through the city.

Driving Through Monywa #2 from Megan Kearney on Vimeo.

Sit in as student teacher
Observe the young school children taking their morning calisthenics.

A School in Burma from Andrea Brown on Vimeo.

Walk among the Bagan ruins soaking up the culture and presence of self.
The weight of the people's rich unique culture can be felt on the great Irrawady River and as you look up to temples unlike any others, in the ancient city of Bagan.

Still your mind
Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and drift off from you office, work, busy life to a magical place far from here.
Soundcapades offer a unique getaway that's a departure from photos or video. Your mind takes over and whisks you on a daydream journey interpreting those sounds to lift you up.
  • Take a horsecart ride through Bagan, Myanmar. Play
  • Enjoy the sounds as you sit on the bank of the Kyauktan River, in Burma, and wait for the small motor boat to pick you up and whisk you to the small temple in the center of the river. Play
  • Join the Nat Pwe in their rituals as living gods. Play
Travel Memories
As you arrive back home to your living room, office, or preferred departure route, bring these photos back to remember your trip to Myanmar.

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