Friday, June 20, 2008

New Conquer, Old haunt

I haven't played Conquer Online for like over 3 years now. I downloaded the game and was pleasantly surprised to see a spiffy new interface and hear cool music. On top of that, my level 85 archer was there, w00t!

Alas, upon loading it up, the game is pretty much the same. There is a few new options. I see one for donating money to the kingdom to increase a ranking from Knight up to King and it says it will increase your "otency" LOL. Not sure what it actually does for your character, and I see something for apprentice contributions, and a couple other options.

There's no new world maps in all these years. They need new maps and to add a bunch of quests which are pretty much non-existent right now.

Well, I may use it as another diversion this summer. Maybe I'll make a little game out of trying to be the number 1 archer on the website ranking board.


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